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Lenny Bruce Obscenity Trial Transcripts in FIRE First Amendment Library Special Collections


Lenny Bruce on Wikipedia

Lenny Bruce Chronology  

Lenny Bruce (DC Spohr)


Lenny Bruce (Meredith Hebenstreit)


Lenny Bruce (LITWEB)


Lenny Bruce Scrapbook


Robert Weide Documentary:
“Swear to Tell the Truth”


Lenny Bruce: FBI File


Photographs of Lenny Bruce  
(Concept Images)


Lenny Bruce Dead  
(Celebrity Morgue)


Lenny Bruce grave site  
(Eden Memorial Park, S. Calif.)


Lenny Bruce: “Thank You 
Mask Man”



People & Places


Paul Krassner (Bruce’s close friend)


Lotus Weistock (Bruce’s last girlfriend)


Hugh Hefner (one of Bruce’s close friends)


Phil Spector (friend, supported Bruce during last year
of his life)


Martin Garbus on Lenny Bruce  
(one of Bruce’s NY lawyers) (Court TV)


Steve Allen (famous entertainer who befriended & defended Bruce)


Mort Sahl (comedian who knew Bruce)


The Troubadour (LA club where Bruce was busted for obscenity)


The Curran Theater  
(Bruce performed there during his SF trial)


Carnegie Hall (site of Bruce's great 1962 performance)


Village Vanguard (NY club where Bruce performed)



Stories, Songs, Etc.


Bob Dylan Song: Lenny Bruce


Dustin Hoffman in "Lenny" (1974)


Albert Goldman/Lawrence Schiller:
 1971 Biography of Lenny Bruce


Paul Krassner on Lenny Bruce (L.A. Times, 1996)


“On Lenny Bruce” by Jonathan Miller (NY Rev. of Books, 1966)


Clive Barnes on Lenny Bruce (May 27, 1971)


 Julian Barry "Lenny" (play, 1974)


“The World of Lenny Bruce” by Frank Speiser


“Lenny Bruce Without Tears” by Fred Baker


“Lenny Bruce” by Theresa Reed


Lenny Bruce (Telex website)


“Lenny Bruce & The Law: A Fantasy” by Ronald Collins


Roth v. United States (1957)


Miller v. California (1973)


Jacobellis v. Ohio (1964)


42 USC 1983 (Civil Rights law)


ACLU Freedom Network (a "must-see" for any advocate of First Amendment civil liberties)

ACLU Cyber-Liberties (First Amendment rights in cyberspace)

Electronic Frontier Foundation (a prominent guardian of free speech liberties on the Internet)

Electronic Privacy Information Center (a valuable resource for First Amendment privacy issues)

Harry Kalven, Jr. (deceased: one of Bruce’s Illinois appellate lawyers)


Martin Garbus (one of Bruce’s NY lawyers)


Edward De Grazia (one of Bruce’s civil rights lawsuit lawyers)   


William Kunstler (one of Bruce’s civil rights lawsuit lawyers)


Johnnie Cochran, Jr. (one of Bruce’s LA prosecutors)(also here)


Thurgood Marshall (Bruce argued civil rights action before him in 2nd Circuit)