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photo by Stephanie Maze

Ronald K.L. Collins

     Ron Collins and David Skover are friends.


     Ron lives in the East, David in the West.


     They have been writing together for well over a decade. Their work is a joint effort, with David manning the keys and Ron pacing.


     This is their second book together, The Death of Discourse (1996, 2nd ed. 2003) being the first.


     Ron, who grew up in Southern California, is a First Amendment scholar at the Freedom Forum’s First Amendment Center in Arlington, Virginia. David, who grew up in Wisconsin, is a law professor at Seattle University.


     Both are law graduates. Ron went to law school at Loyola in Los Angeles, David at Yale in New Haven.


     Both clerked for appellate judges—Ron for Justice Hans A. Linde of the Oregon Supreme Court (and later as a judicial fellow in the United States Supreme Court), and David for Judge Jon O. Newman of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.


     In a prior life, David sang in professional operatic and musical theater productions. He admires the music of Stephen Sondheim.


     Ron likes to probe Plato, Camus, Wittgenstein, and Simone Weil. He admires the thought of Louis Brandeis.


     Both have written numerous scholarly articles (often together) in journals such as the Harvard, Stanford, Michigan, and Texas Law Reviews.


     Ron has penned some 150 or so newspaper op-ed pieces, and edited The Death of Contract (1995) and Constitutional Government in America (1981). David coauthored (with Pierre Schlag) Tactics of Legal Reasoning (1986).


     They are the founding coeditors of Books-on-Law, a monthly online journal dedicated to book reviews.



photo by Michael Rosenberg

David M. Skover