Table of Contents //


Dramatis Personae
Text of 1791 First Amendment


Book I: The Paratroopers' Paradox
The Huxleyan Crossing
The Soma Medium: Its Mechanics & Messages
A Rear-View Mirror Look at the First Amendment
Wrestling with the Paradox
The First Amendment in Bold Relief - A "Dialogue"

Book II: Commerce & Communication
Commerce & Its Handmaiden: Then & Now
Commercial Communication & Its Consequences
Commerce, Communication, & the Constitution
Communication & the Capitalist Culture
AbsolutŪ Protection? - A "Dialogue"

Book III: Discourse & Intercourse
The Rise of the Pornographic State
The Logic of the Erotic
Body Politics & the Ambivalent Citizenry
War & Pleasure in Pornutopia
Rubber, Reason, & Religion in Pornutopia
Respectable Stories for an Unrespectable State
How Worthy a Tradition? - A "Dialogue"

Deliberate Lies & Deliberative Democracy
The Discourse of Death

Afterword: New "Truths" & the Old First Amendment - The Last "Dialogue"

About the Authors


Stuart Banner (lawyer)
Leo Bogart (sociologist & advertising expert)
Shadia Drury (political scientist)
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese (feminist historian)
Robert Hariman (communications professor)
Sut Jhally (communications professor)
Alex Kozinski (federal appellate judge)
Max Lerner (syndicated columnist)

David Nyberg (philosopher)

David O'Brien (political scientist)
Martin Redish (law professor)
Edward Rubin (law professor)
Loyal Rue (religion scholar)

Herbert Schiller (communications professor)
Suzanne Singer (public television producer)
Rodney A. Smolla (law professor)

Richard Stivers (sociologist)

Nadine Strossen (law professor & ACLU national president)
Cass R. Sunstein (law professor & political scientist)
Mark V. Tushnet (law professor)

* The end of each of the three Books and the Afterword feature a "dialogue" in which the people listed above participate.