Reviews of the First Edition//

The main argument of this book is important. . . . After pondering it, every reader will come away feeling that there is much to be lost by adhering to the letter of the First Amendment and ignoring its spirit.

                            - Publishers Weekly ("Star" review)


Convincingly demonstrates that there is a tidal wave of fetid speech washing over the American landscape. . . . It is hard to read this book without becoming concerned about American democracy.

                            - American Bar Association Journal


The authors take an important step in constitutional debate by taking seriously the discourse of the future.

                            - Discourse & Society


The Death of Discourse is literary dynamite ready to demolish the pomp and hypocrisy obstructing the proud edifice of the First Amendment. This book poses a clear and present danger in the most deserving sense.

                            - Leonard W. Levy
                              American historian & author of                               Emergence of a Free Press

The Death of Discourse is relentless in exploring the depths of our cultural and legal predicament.

                             - Pierre Schlag, Harvard Law Review


The message of the book is significant, if not controversial. . . . Collins and Skover argue that the central challenge of the First Amendment is how to invoke the language of Madison to protect cultural speech, a speech often devoid of any political message or purpose besides selling soap or images.

                             - Law & Politics Book Review

A powerfully original examination of the First Amendment.

                             - Derek McGinty, WAMU FM Radio