David M. Skover & Kellye Y. Testy

Copyright 2002 David M. Skover; Kellye Y. Testy

Originally published in the University of California Law Review, January 2002, Vol. 90 No. 1, pp 223 - 255.

David Skover and Kellye Testy are friends and professorial colleagues at Seattle University School of Law. They dedicate this Essay to the memory of their dear friend, Professor Rebecca S. Rudnick, who would have been attuned to their perspectives on commodification. They are grateful for the thoughtful, and sometimes even critical, comments of Janet Ainsworth, Ronald Collins, Colin Folawn, Carmen Gonzalez, Sean Patrick O'Reilly, Julie Shapiro, and Tracey Thompson. They thank, as well, Martha Ertman, Adrienne Davis, and Joan Williams, and the other participants in the University of Denver and American University's conference, Commodification Futures, where this Essay was presented as a work in progress. Finally, they appreciate the unstinting support of Dean Rudy Hasl of the Seattle University School of Law and of their administrative assistant, Nancy Ammons.

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